Thursday, February 7, 2013

Making the beast and other news

I've been working all week on a production of Disney's version of Beauty and The Beast in Charlotte for Covenant Day School. I've been hired to do the prosthetics for the Beast character, and it's been pretty fun. I've been involved in plays before and enjoyed them, it's been along time though. I fortunately got used to the frenetic backstage pace that I'd long forgotten. It runs the rest of the week and two shows Saturday. I'll post pics when I can get a hold of some. I've been working as well on the secret mask project and hope to have it finished and submitted for likeness approval soon. I have the base ready and will be sculpting it's name plate soon too, expect it to be released in the next month or so. April 11 will also see the return of the Lords of The Left Hand Path series as well, details on that forthcoming. until next time!