Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MWF Northeast Invasion Match!

The official pro shot video from the recent MWF trip to Brooklyn, Ny for the Rooftop Festivl Premiere of "Fake It So Real" is finally online! you n watch below!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Corners" crew on Asheville news

This afternoon, the crew for Down Poor Pictures' upcoming horror film "Corners" shot a automobile murder scene in downtown Asheville. We used a dummy fitted with a gelatin lifecast of the actor and hit it with a van. Local news was there and director Jack Eagen posted this video to his Facebook Profile

It features a good portion of the crew, with a couple nice shots of myself working on getting my prop ready to be smashed!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the Northeast Invasion and film work

myself and several of the Millennium Wrestling Federation's roster went to New York and Philadelphia last weekend for the Rooftop Film Festival and Awesomefest in support of the 4th Row Films documentary on the MWF "Fake It So Real". We drove up Wednesday for the festival in New York on Thursday and were informed at 5 pm that the event had sold out entirely. The evening included a screening of the film with us in attendance in full gear and this was followed by a short Q&A session with the director Robert Greene, who appeared in a mask and taunted the Rooftop Organinzer Mark Rosenberg. This quickly evolved into them being involved in the first match of the night, which within 24 hours was all over the internet. My match was a triple threat match for the MWF Title, and we had decided early on to just beat the shit out of each other so that's what we did much to the delight of the Brooklyn crowd. The response was overwhelming, and we found out the next day that 85 people were turned away at the door. People were also watching from the gates and the balconies of the apartment building so in all we worked in front of close to 500 people. An amazing night to say the least and we found ourselves in Philadelphia Saturday for a screening of the film at the Awesomefest. We couldn't get a ring so there was no live card but we still had a blast.

Upon returning from that trip, I launched right into production of "Corners" this week in Asheville. I was on set all day and a good part of the night yesterday shooting fx sequences and shooting is going well. I'm due back Friday for a short day and then hitting it hard for the next three weeks of solid work. I'm under gag order right now, so sadly no sneak peeks Once production of that wraps, I'll be beginning my short film "Charlotte's Heart" and hopefully soon after pre production work on "Houseguest". I don't know what sleep is anymore!