Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News of a Not So Random Sort..but Maybe.

The Iron Maiden Tribute Band I'd been working for, "Aces High" has officially secured me as their exclusive prop and costume maker for their live set. I shipped off the first of these long term collaborative efforts yesterday, a mask of legendary Maiden mascot Eddie and a pair of monster forearm gloves. These will be worn on stage during the live set and will be featured this weekend at their Halloween show. If you're in the Vegas area, check 'em out! Video and pics will be posted soon.

I'm in the midst of pre production on a short film starring my daughter entitled "Charlotte's Heart". She will be playing a vampire child and I think is more excited about it than I am. I plan to be filming soon once the set has been completed. My recently completed screenplay for another short "Houseguest" will be moving to the forefront again soon as well. In other film news, the documentary on the Millennium Wrestling Federation "Fake It So Real" will be playing it's first international festival soon. Response has been incredible, we are all pretty excited to see it's still going strong. The North Carolina premiere of the film will be in Wilmington, NC on Nov 13th. I don't think we will be performing after the film, as far as I know a ring has not been secured. Once it has been set in stone, more info will be posted.

Speaking of MWF, we are on the road to our last big card of the year. The 11th annual "Brawl Games" taking place Saturday November 26th. If you are in the Lincoln/Gaston NC area, do not miss this show! We've been called the very definition of love for the wrestling business, come find out why!

Lastly, The Lords of The Left Hand Path series will see it's long delayed return next month. In anticipation of the "christ-mess" season, I will be unleashing Krampus upon the world! Final details on the design are being hammered out now and sculpting begins in the coming days. I'm currently working on a new release as well that will be finished soon. No reveal yet, but Ghostbusters fans will get a kick out of it...