Monday, September 5, 2011

Corners wrapped and other news

After pretty much spending a good chunk of the last month in Asheville, NC filming "Corners" for Down Poor Pictures I can now report filming has finished! It was definitely a trying shoot, including a 10 ft fall through the finale's set by yours truly. Fortunately, I came out with only some ugly road rash looking scrapes and a really sore back. We wrapped last week and after another horrible ride home courtesy of the blown transmission in my car, I am back home. Not sure when the film will be released, but when I know the news will be certainly broadcast here.

In other news, I have recently obtained a physical location in Gastonia, NC as part of the Gaston Arts Guild. Essentially this means, Screwbiter has a physical shop now and some of my works will be available for purchase there for those who are locals. You around the world, fear not though, the web store is not closing!

This obviously lends itself to diving headlong back into work! With major projects upcoming as well as the next mask releases, it is going to be a really busy time for me. I'm pretty excited about it, so I'm jumpin in full on. Last, if you are in the Lincolnton, NC area this week come out Saturday night Sept 10th for a night of MWF Wrestling! We present our annual event "Onslaught" at the Vietnam Vets Center. For more info, check out the MWF site HERE!