Thursday, December 13, 2012

johnny cash - there ain't no grave - The Johnny Cash Project Part 1

A couple months ago I stumbled across the Johnny Cash Project. The project itself was an animated video created by artist and fans worldwide, and made up of a couple thousand frames.I have contributed two frames. Check out the video!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baphometx Bloody Hammers Pt II!

seems Bloody Hammers have a second cover featuring the LHP Baphomet mask, and honestly I think this one is my fav. just stumbled across it today, check it out:
their music is pretty badass, I highly recommend it. Go get it Here!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baphomet mask turns up on cd cover

I was recently directed to a site with the usual "you might find this interesting" statement. So I rolled on over to the site of band Bloody Hammers and before I could get a chance to check out the music, saw a familiar site indeed. It turns out the Lords of The Left Hand Path series mask Baphomet is on their cd cover! music is pretty cool to boot, head on over there and check it out! the pic itself:
not sure who actually purchased the mask, but I'm thinking I'll have to shoot em an email thanking them for that. Pretty cool way to cap off the night.

Monday, September 17, 2012

checking in from the great beyond

This might be the longest I've gone with no updates...or maybe not. It's been pretty busy here, and well the blog thing seems to slip my mind..A LOT. I'm also in the final stages of becoming a home owner, so that has me tied up most of the time ...and drinking a ton more than I normally do hahaha. I've been really getting hammered with commission requests lately, been doing work for other Indy Wrestlers in the area making to the ring costumes. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I make my own masks and gear to use in shows, they get to see the gear in action. Taken on some other jobs for people looking to intensify their Haunted House/Trail, etc costumes as well. All rewarding work, but I recently landed a license to produce a limited edition series of one of horror's most enduring cult icons. I can't speak publicly on who it is just yet, but it's one that is very close to my black heart, perhaps the most personally important piece I have ever done. I'm anticipating a Halloween release, so you lil monsters won't have to wait much longer! There'll be a few new mask pieces in addition to that hopefully soon enough, and the release of some new items I'm adding to the catalog. For you all Rat Rodders out there, resin shifter heads! The line will be kicking off with a version of Clint Mephisto and a Shrunken head, followed by a super secret, super cool collaboration. It's gonna be a cool next few months!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mad Monster Party

Wifey and I attended the Mad Monster Party last weekend (or weekend before as of this writing), and while Screwbiter Studios wasn't present as a vendor, we did do some shopping, got a couple signatures and did some networking. Up at the top of the list for me was to get the Creature From The Black Lagoon mask that I produced signed by Ricou Browning. For those unaware (shame on you if you are!), Mr. Browning portrayed the Gill Man in all of the underwater scenes in the original film. I presented him with the mask and he spent a few moments looking it over which made me a tad nervous. But to my pleasure he told me he liked it and was accurate to what he wore. As my version was never intended to have the bobcat eyes so many other versions have, I wanted to know what he wore over his own eyes in the film. None of the stills I used to sculpt mine had eyes in them, so this was a burning question. According to him, he initially wore swimming goggles underneath the mask but had almost zero visibility. So he took them off and filmed all of the film's underwater sequences with NO eye protection whatsoever. I told him that was bad ass, and he chuckled. I've always wondered what one of the "Gill Men" would think of my creation and I got a great review, can't ask for much more!

Here's the signature:

and a photo of myself with Ricou and the Creature:

One of the other items high on my list was to meet James Hong, who played David Lo-Pan in one of my top ten of all time, "Big Trouble In Little China". His signature was needed on my theatrical one sheet poster, so I was anxious to get that key autograph for the collection. He did not disappoint, arriving to the signing table in Lo-Pan regalia! Here's the godfather of Little China signing the poster:

then I took the opportunity for a pic with him. I threw the Chang Sing hand sign from the film (cause I'm a geek you see) but that threw off the camera as some of it is a tad blurry :/ but here we are:

and lastly, the poster itself. An original theatrical one sheet signed by Nick Castle, Tommy Lee Wallace, John Carpenter and now James Hong:

We did a bit more shopping throughout the day, passed out a ton of cards and fliers, met up with our friends Gwen and Jason and toured the con with them. Upon returning to the main floor, we ran into my old friends Henry and his wife Jennifer, which was a nice surprise. I've been back in NC three years and not seen either of them once so I was happy about that. Around 5 or so we ducked off into the bar for some drinks with a fellow wrestler friend of mine, Zane Riley and then we ducked out to hit uptown Charlotte for more drunken debauchery. On the way out, wifey got her picture snapped in front of the legendary car "Christine" from the John Carpenter classic:

It was kinda funny listening to everyone we ran into talk about how they'd never seen anything like this before. Charlotte has never gotten a proper horror convention, but I've been travelling to them since the 90's and while it's always fun for me, I'm not starstruck at all or phased anymore. Reportedly it went over well, and the promoters have already booked for next year so it looks like Charlotte is finally on the horror con map!