Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I will be attending next year's 2016 International Left Hand Path Consortium. A gathering of followers and practitioners of various LHP traditions, I'll be showing mask works and possibly some paintings. All of the mask works on display will be for sale as well. I guess this seems like a nice time to say the Lords of The Left Hand Path series will getting it's first new release in some time next month. on April 11..look that date up for a clue. Check out their site Here.

In other news, the first release between Death Rays Clothing, Geoff Kresge and Screwbiter Studios is now available in the shop! the PsychoBat is live and up for grabs so head on over and pick one of these guys up:
Based on the T-Shirt's design and conjuring the spirit of the old plastic Ben Cooper Halloween masks from the 70s, this guy has been finished with neon and glow in the dark paints! Also available in a more realistic vampire bat finish. Go get one!

Monday, January 26, 2015

back from the dead blog world

Been a few centuries since the last post here. I'm shooting to have a better outreach on this thing this year. There are several new projects already unleashed and coming soon on the site. At the end of 2014, the first in a series of masks inspired and based on the writings of HP Lovecraft was released in the form of Cthulhu! He is based *heavily* on the original 1934 sketch that HPL did of the Elder God. I did take small bits of artistic license by adding certain sea creatures elements into him, but I've stayed as close to HPL's original design as possible. He is listed in the shop currently, but I've still got to get around to adding new pics of a couple paint variations available. More coming soon among them is Nyarlathotep, Shub Niggurath and a mask of HPL himself! Also working on a couple of collaborative efforts recently as well, the first between a Yokohama Japan's Mas!Store in the form of a Halloween mask of one their shirt designs. No progress pic to throw out there at this moment, but I'll be posting something up soon. The other is another mask based on a shirt design, this time between Death Rays Clothing, Geoff Kresge (ex Tiger Army, AFI, etc) and Screwbiter. This first mask is the PsychoBat and slated to be one of a few releases in conjunction with the two of them. Here is a photo of the final clay sculpt which is being molded and prototype casting this week:
He'll be an open ended edition price TBA and available in two color schemes but more on that as everything is finalized! And last, the Thrall mask has been re-released for all of you who have asked over the years! Like last time, he glows in the dark and is available in half or full head versions. This one will also feature a blood spatter paint finish upon request, so go get one before this one is gone! That's about it for now, more to follow!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

RxIxP Hr Giger

I remember where I was and exactly what I was doing when I received news of the passing of one of my heroes. Anton LaVey, Johnny Cash, and a host of others. I could tell you what I was doing each of those times. And this morning was no different when I read the first news of the passing of probably the most important and influential figures in my life, HR Giger. I never actually met the man, though we did share a couple mutual friends, but like when Dr. LaVey and Cash moved on, I cannot help but feel like a small part of me died this morning when I read that. My first exposure to his work (and virtually everyone else’s as well) was seeing the film Alien. He conjured up that unforgettable demon from somewhere deep inside his mind and unleashed it upon us all, and for me it was love at first sight. It wasn’t until many years later when I picked up a copy of Heavy Metal magazine in Renegade Comics and saw the Morpheus ad for his signed prints and books. I got the shop’s owner Ed to order for me Giger’s Necronomicon, and paid for it over months using school lunch money and store credit earned by filling subscription boxes and back issues. The day I split open the shrink wrap, similar to opening a dusty, old grimoire of black magic my life was changed forever. The mad genius, unashamed perversity, and nightmarish artistry left such a deep burn in my mind that I haven’t created a thing since where I didn’t ask myself “If Giger were doing this, how would he approach it?” Like anyone who creates and has a central person who inspired them I have dabbled in the Biomechanical style he created, but never really attempted to seriously pursue it. Because everyone who has ever tried only ends looking like a Giger hack to me. Though I know he didn’t actually invent it, as far as I’m concerned HR Giger invented the art of painting with an airbrush. I have carried his influence on me as best I can and applied it to whatever I’m working on. While compiling ideas and sketches and reference for anything I’m working on, I pour through his work for additional inspiration. He left us all an eternal well of work to marvel at and be spellbound by. An artist I was friends with a few years ago who knew Giger did a series of three portraits of him. Giger kept his favorite of the series, and the other two ended up in the collections of my pal Chris X and myself. That along with the many books and signed prints of his amazing work are what I have to enjoy and I will make sure to take a few extra looks at them tonight. Rest In Peace, Hans Reudi Giger. You will forever be missed.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Papa Emeritus II

it's been a long, long time in the making but screwbiter is mondo proud to bring the Official Papa Emeritus II mask! Papa II is the current incarnation of frontman for Swedish band Ghost (or as they are known trademark wise in the states "Ghost B.C."). sculpted by myself pulling inspiration from both the actual mask used in live performance and album artwork, this bad boy is limited to 250 pieces world wide and available NOW in the mask shop! each piece is hand numbered, and 13 specially selected numbers (of occult significance) will be known as "Ghostly Papas" and they feature a glow in the dark skull finish. Demand is expected to be high, and I anticipate many sleepless nights in the shop!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

goin to The Blumeys

I just got word today the the play I did prosthesis for back in February, "Beauty & The Beast" has been nominated for several awards (including best makeup design) in the 2013 NC Blumenthal Arts awards "The Blumeys". The actor I did the key makeup on has been nominated in the best actor category and will be performing a couple of numbers in full Beast makeup, so I've once again been contracted by the school to handle the gig and attend the ceremonies with the cast & crew on May 19th. nice way to cap off the day I think!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

secret project revealed!

the secret project revealed! this is the sculpt for a fully licensed collectors mask of horror icon Vampira. Once complete she will have acrylic eyes, lashes, hair and sit upon a custom stand with nameplate. Edition size and price tba.