Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the shift

Greetings! with the coming year, akuma productions has been laid to rest. In it's wake, a new focus and shift has resulted in the formation of Screwbiter Studios. Screwbiter is more than akuma was in that it will be the base of operations for not just the mask business, but film projects, including special fx duties and writing and production. It will also see continued production of the Radio Free Satan programs "Velvet Darkness" and "Clint Mephisto's Shit Kickin' Road Show", as well many other projects in the pipeline to be announced down the road.

A word to those who had outstanding orders from akuma. All orders have been processed and shipped. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience, I do hope you enjoy the piece(s) you ordered. My sincere apologies for the long delay associated with the move and it's subsequent issues.

The first major announcements of year XLVI, is that Screwbiter will be attending the Monstermania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ this March. We will have every mask in the catalog and a surprise or two, so if you are attending be sure to stop by!

Also, the first film projects are in pre production as of this writing. Up first is the slasher short "Houseguest". The screenplay has been completed and we're currently scouting locations and will be casting soon. That will be preceeded by another short silent film entitled "Charlotte".

Last, the website is undergoing online surgery, so if something doesn't work be patient it will! In the meantime, keep an eye or two on it. More news as things materialize! end of line.