Monday, December 5, 2011


forces beyond my control prevented it's completion today, but in honor of Krampusnacht, here is the completed sculpture for the newest piece in the Lords of The Left Hand Path series, Krampus! He will be cast in rigid neoprene, with hand laid hair, wearable with a couple different finish options, and wall-hangable. Edition size will be 33 signed/numbered pieces only! $125 plus shipping. I'm taking preorders via paypal now, molds will be finished and pieces run beginning in the next week or so. Official announcement via the usual channels will begin shortly!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Corners Trailer and a word from the director..

Jack Eagen just posted this up on the Down Poor Pictures sites, a special message from him as well as the first trailer for "Corners"!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News of a Not So Random Sort..but Maybe.

The Iron Maiden Tribute Band I'd been working for, "Aces High" has officially secured me as their exclusive prop and costume maker for their live set. I shipped off the first of these long term collaborative efforts yesterday, a mask of legendary Maiden mascot Eddie and a pair of monster forearm gloves. These will be worn on stage during the live set and will be featured this weekend at their Halloween show. If you're in the Vegas area, check 'em out! Video and pics will be posted soon.

I'm in the midst of pre production on a short film starring my daughter entitled "Charlotte's Heart". She will be playing a vampire child and I think is more excited about it than I am. I plan to be filming soon once the set has been completed. My recently completed screenplay for another short "Houseguest" will be moving to the forefront again soon as well. In other film news, the documentary on the Millennium Wrestling Federation "Fake It So Real" will be playing it's first international festival soon. Response has been incredible, we are all pretty excited to see it's still going strong. The North Carolina premiere of the film will be in Wilmington, NC on Nov 13th. I don't think we will be performing after the film, as far as I know a ring has not been secured. Once it has been set in stone, more info will be posted.

Speaking of MWF, we are on the road to our last big card of the year. The 11th annual "Brawl Games" taking place Saturday November 26th. If you are in the Lincoln/Gaston NC area, do not miss this show! We've been called the very definition of love for the wrestling business, come find out why!

Lastly, The Lords of The Left Hand Path series will see it's long delayed return next month. In anticipation of the "christ-mess" season, I will be unleashing Krampus upon the world! Final details on the design are being hammered out now and sculpting begins in the coming days. I'm currently working on a new release as well that will be finished soon. No reveal yet, but Ghostbusters fans will get a kick out of it...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Corners wrapped and other news

After pretty much spending a good chunk of the last month in Asheville, NC filming "Corners" for Down Poor Pictures I can now report filming has finished! It was definitely a trying shoot, including a 10 ft fall through the finale's set by yours truly. Fortunately, I came out with only some ugly road rash looking scrapes and a really sore back. We wrapped last week and after another horrible ride home courtesy of the blown transmission in my car, I am back home. Not sure when the film will be released, but when I know the news will be certainly broadcast here.

In other news, I have recently obtained a physical location in Gastonia, NC as part of the Gaston Arts Guild. Essentially this means, Screwbiter has a physical shop now and some of my works will be available for purchase there for those who are locals. You around the world, fear not though, the web store is not closing!

This obviously lends itself to diving headlong back into work! With major projects upcoming as well as the next mask releases, it is going to be a really busy time for me. I'm pretty excited about it, so I'm jumpin in full on. Last, if you are in the Lincolnton, NC area this week come out Saturday night Sept 10th for a night of MWF Wrestling! We present our annual event "Onslaught" at the Vietnam Vets Center. For more info, check out the MWF site HERE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MWF Northeast Invasion Match!

The official pro shot video from the recent MWF trip to Brooklyn, Ny for the Rooftop Festivl Premiere of "Fake It So Real" is finally online! you n watch below!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Corners" crew on Asheville news

This afternoon, the crew for Down Poor Pictures' upcoming horror film "Corners" shot a automobile murder scene in downtown Asheville. We used a dummy fitted with a gelatin lifecast of the actor and hit it with a van. Local news was there and director Jack Eagen posted this video to his Facebook Profile

It features a good portion of the crew, with a couple nice shots of myself working on getting my prop ready to be smashed!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the Northeast Invasion and film work

myself and several of the Millennium Wrestling Federation's roster went to New York and Philadelphia last weekend for the Rooftop Film Festival and Awesomefest in support of the 4th Row Films documentary on the MWF "Fake It So Real". We drove up Wednesday for the festival in New York on Thursday and were informed at 5 pm that the event had sold out entirely. The evening included a screening of the film with us in attendance in full gear and this was followed by a short Q&A session with the director Robert Greene, who appeared in a mask and taunted the Rooftop Organinzer Mark Rosenberg. This quickly evolved into them being involved in the first match of the night, which within 24 hours was all over the internet. My match was a triple threat match for the MWF Title, and we had decided early on to just beat the shit out of each other so that's what we did much to the delight of the Brooklyn crowd. The response was overwhelming, and we found out the next day that 85 people were turned away at the door. People were also watching from the gates and the balconies of the apartment building so in all we worked in front of close to 500 people. An amazing night to say the least and we found ourselves in Philadelphia Saturday for a screening of the film at the Awesomefest. We couldn't get a ring so there was no live card but we still had a blast.

Upon returning from that trip, I launched right into production of "Corners" this week in Asheville. I was on set all day and a good part of the night yesterday shooting fx sequences and shooting is going well. I'm due back Friday for a short day and then hitting it hard for the next three weeks of solid work. I'm under gag order right now, so sadly no sneak peeks Once production of that wraps, I'll be beginning my short film "Charlotte's Heart" and hopefully soon after pre production work on "Houseguest". I don't know what sleep is anymore!

Monday, July 25, 2011

MWF Documentary Premiere mentioned on Pro Wrestling Insider and Mephisto

Less than five days out from the MWF invasion of the Rooftop Film Festival, I picked this link up over the weekend. PWInsider has a pretty good write-up on the film and the event that will be hedl this Thursday night! Check it out Here!

And in other news, Radio Free Satan's own Clint Mephisto has been immortalized as a Halloween mask and available now in the mask shop! While you're at it, head on over to RFS and check out the latest episode of Clint Mephisto's Shit Kickin Road Show or my other program the Goth/Industrial show Velvet Darkness!

I will be posting updates via Twitter this wekend from the road during the MWF trip, so if you use that service back up to the main page and follow me @screwbiter!

end of line

Thursday, July 21, 2011

updates and..well...stuff!

Clint Mephisto has been through the mold stage and the first casting is currently drying in the mold. I expect to have him unleashed on an unsuspecting human world by first of next week, just in time for the new episode of "Clint Mephisto's Shit Kickin' Road Show" on Radio Free Satan! I am also currently working on a new mask sculpt and will be revealing pics of that soon. I'm also on the brink of resurrecting the Lords of The Left Hand Path series as well, designs are being finalized for the next two pieces. Speaking of that series, the first in the line Baphomet is almost sold out! Less than 10 pieces remain in the run and then it will be retired forever, so if you want one jump on it quick! The Crown of Horns is also getting close with just over 20 left in that run.

Switching gears slightly, I am busy in pre production on the film "Corners" for Down Poor Pictures. Prosthetics and molds are being run currently and other practical fx. Shooting begins in August, More news as it comes in.

Next Thursday July 28th I, along with about 9 other members of the Millennium Wrestling Federation, will be in New York for the Rooftop Film Festival. We will be supporting the documentary filmed on us entitled "Fake It So Real" by participating in the Q&A session as well as a live wrestling card there at the festival! For more info, check out the official site Here. We will also be in Philadelphia on that Saturday for the Awesome Fest. We will only be doing a Q&A there. More info can be found at their site Here. You can watch the trailer for the film at the official site Here. I will also be performing this weekend with the MWF in Lincolnton, NC at the Vietnam Vets Center on Saturday night. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and looking for a great way to spend your Saturday night, come check us out! More info Here!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MWF Ground Zero Doomsday Cage Match

The Doomsday Cage from MWF Ground Zero on June 25th. Tha Sycho Supastar vs The Alley Rat Pitt vs Mikado for the MWF Title.

Friday, June 24, 2011

film work, upcoming works, and other things

Just had a meeting this week with a director in Asheville for the special fx makeup job on an upcoming horror film. The meeting went well, and I've landed the gig! Been spending the last day or two reading the script and coming up with ideas. I can't really say too much right now as it's pretty hush hush, but I will be posting updates soon enough. Speaking of film, I've got roughly one minute of footage for a silent short I'm working on completed. It's a silent, live/stop motion piece so I'm doing this one frame at a time. It's an incredibly time consuming process, so I'm excited to have just one minute!

Up next is the next mask release! The official Radio Free Satan Clint Mephisto Halloween Mask.  Still not sure what the production run will be or cost, but I can say this: It will be cast in the style of 1950's and 1960's era Halloween masks and is the first in a series of masks bearing that style. Another piece in that series will have a "guest" designer but more on that later. Here's a teaser pic of Clint:

I've also recently completed the sculpture for a 3 ft Eddie mummy for an Iron Maiden cover band in Las Vegas. They will be using it for their live show and it will house a fog machine in it's mouth. Here's a look at him:

I'll be reworking and refining the site in the coming weeks as well, time permitting. I've also taken over duties on the website for the Millennium Wrestling Federation, overhauling it and giving it a much needed new look. Check it out,  While we're talking wrestling, I will be performing tomorrow night with the MWF at the second of four annual "Super Shows" where my alter ego will be defending the MWF Championship. If you are in the Lincolnton, NC area hit the site up for directions and come on out!

end of line.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fake It So Real at the Maryland FIlm Festival

The documentary on the Millennium Wrestling Federation, the promotion I currently wrestle for (I'm also a founding member) called "Fake It So Real" will be screened during the Maryland Film Festival at The Charles Theater. It screens May 6th and 7th, for showtimes and more info check out the page here

For more on the film itself check the official site here

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lords of The Left Hand Path, other new works and wrestling.

Recuperating from last night's MWF Wrestling show in Lincolnton, NC. I worked the third match of the evening, against the only other original member of the MWF roster besides myself and that fact apparently will be the basis of our feud. Overall, I'm pleased with how it went, we did have a botch or two but it worked out in the end.

I will be (finally!) releasing a new piece in the Lords of The Left Hand Path series hopefully by the end of the month. The next in the series will be the demon Pazuzu and a return to the roots of the series, in the form of a cultural deity. It will be a neoprene face mask, edition size and price TBA. Also upcoming, will be a series of busts based on a series of paintings I began called "Gods and Monsters", which were inspired by artists, characters, etc. that influence me and my work. The first is slated to be the most important figure in my artistic life, HR Giger. I expect to begin work on it this week, in progress pics will surface soon. Along with that will be some other mask releases soon as well in the form of both classic horror characters and original designs.

Lastly, I am in pre-production work on the first of a couple horror shorts. The first is called "Charlotte's Heart", starring my 7 year old daughter Charlotte playing a child vampire. Sets and fx are being constructed currently, the short's composer has been brought in and costuming almost done as well. I also recently finished the screenplay for the second short entitled "Houseguest" and I've got plans laid to get that moving this year as well.

There are several other projects in the pipeline that I'll be talking about in the coming weeks. Until next time...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Paint Vs. Paint Match - Van Damage Vs. Mikado

from MWF Wrestling Ultimate Jeopardy, held on March 26 at the Lincoln County Veteran's Center in Lincolnton, NC. After watching this, I realize maybe I should've hit the gym a few more times!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monstermania aftermath and new masks

Screwbiter had a  pretty good showing at this past weekend's Monstermania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ. We had a blast with our table neighbors and the people we met. Many prospects emerged from the events and we look forward to seeing them become manifest. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

They were premiered at the con, but now available in the mask shop are two new pieces. First up, "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" and the alien from the John Carpenter classic "They Live". Both will be produced in limited quantity, so get em quick!

 Brand new episodes of Velvet Darkness and Clint Mephisto's Shit Kickin Road Show will return next week on <a href="" target="_blank">Radio Free Satan</a>. I took a week off to get ready for the con, but we're back and they will be as well.

I'll be spending the next week preparing new designs for a return to the Lords of The Left Hand Path series as well. There will be two new pieces available in time for Walpurgisnacht festivities. Stay tuned for more news on those in the future. That's it for now!

end of line

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the shift

Greetings! with the coming year, akuma productions has been laid to rest. In it's wake, a new focus and shift has resulted in the formation of Screwbiter Studios. Screwbiter is more than akuma was in that it will be the base of operations for not just the mask business, but film projects, including special fx duties and writing and production. It will also see continued production of the Radio Free Satan programs "Velvet Darkness" and "Clint Mephisto's Shit Kickin' Road Show", as well many other projects in the pipeline to be announced down the road.

A word to those who had outstanding orders from akuma. All orders have been processed and shipped. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience, I do hope you enjoy the piece(s) you ordered. My sincere apologies for the long delay associated with the move and it's subsequent issues.

The first major announcements of year XLVI, is that Screwbiter will be attending the Monstermania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ this March. We will have every mask in the catalog and a surprise or two, so if you are attending be sure to stop by!

Also, the first film projects are in pre production as of this writing. Up first is the slasher short "Houseguest". The screenplay has been completed and we're currently scouting locations and will be casting soon. That will be preceeded by another short silent film entitled "Charlotte".

Last, the website is undergoing online surgery, so if something doesn't work be patient it will! In the meantime, keep an eye or two on it. More news as things materialize! end of line.