Monday, September 17, 2012

checking in from the great beyond

This might be the longest I've gone with no updates...or maybe not. It's been pretty busy here, and well the blog thing seems to slip my mind..A LOT. I'm also in the final stages of becoming a home owner, so that has me tied up most of the time ...and drinking a ton more than I normally do hahaha. I've been really getting hammered with commission requests lately, been doing work for other Indy Wrestlers in the area making to the ring costumes. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I make my own masks and gear to use in shows, they get to see the gear in action. Taken on some other jobs for people looking to intensify their Haunted House/Trail, etc costumes as well. All rewarding work, but I recently landed a license to produce a limited edition series of one of horror's most enduring cult icons. I can't speak publicly on who it is just yet, but it's one that is very close to my black heart, perhaps the most personally important piece I have ever done. I'm anticipating a Halloween release, so you lil monsters won't have to wait much longer! There'll be a few new mask pieces in addition to that hopefully soon enough, and the release of some new items I'm adding to the catalog. For you all Rat Rodders out there, resin shifter heads! The line will be kicking off with a version of Clint Mephisto and a Shrunken head, followed by a super secret, super cool collaboration. It's gonna be a cool next few months!

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